Hi, We are Brooklyn & Evan.

We are the creatives and brains behind our husband and wife photography team. Here for the goofballs and cuddlers, the lovebirds. To capture all the inbetween moments and the very perfectly planned mountain top kisses. This year has been a big year of transition for us as we have invested more time and energy into blooming our business. I have been passionate about creating and shaping art since I was young. I would always draw towns and fashion designs in my spare time as young girl, so by the age of 16 taking photographs of my sister in our back yard seemed like a natural transition and I remember falling in love with the way I could express art in a different way. I quite literally (I'm a bit clumsy) stumbled upon wedding photography in university (thank-you to the wonderful clients who trusted me) and transferred my degree and time to focus on perfecting and, if any of you have been to art school, 'experimenting' with photography. I always knew I wanted to do something creative as a profession but never thought it could actually happen. Since then I studied Child Psychology, met Evan, got married, started and ended school at Alberta University of the Arts and became a mom. While this was happening Evan was graduating University with his Bachelor of Music and also graduated with his Bachelor of Education degree. We are currently living in the Calgary , Evan is teaching and I'm in full-time mom mode/wedding photographer/business owner.

 So there's a bit of where we come from. I feel like if you made it this far you should know we love watching Love on the Spectrum, eating sushi, playing tennis and cuddling our kids Myla, Shepherd and our new puppy, Teddy.

​Okay, Bios are awkward.

-Brooklyn & Evan